The Burning Zone

(The Burning Zone)

 The Story

"Under a special mandate from the White House a secret bio-crisis team has been formed. The assignment, to fight microscopic enemies in zones that are burning. To enter places no-one else would go. On the front line of the plague wars, we are the point of the spear."

The show followed a group of scientists/agents who each week battled another runaway virus or disease. While some of the plagues were seemingly accidents, as the season woore on, hints were dropped that in fact many of the diseases were being spread by a secret society, who believed that the only way the world could be saved was through a catastrophic disaster...


An elite bio-crisis team has been assembled by the Government to lead the attack in what is coming to be known as the 'Plague Wars'. Leading the team is Dr. Edward Marcase, a brilliant young virologist with a penchant for the metaphysical. Alongside him is Dr. Kimberly Shiroma, a molecular geneticist pathologist with a strict adherence to the disciplines of science. Handling security is Michael Hailey, a former Navy SEAL with CIA connections, and the team's defense intelligence expert. Directing the team is Dr. Daniel Cassian, one of the most powerful and politically connected physicians in the world and a specialist in biological/chemical disasters. They are joined later on by Dr. Brian Taft, a maverick neuropathologist and research biologist.

The Burning Zone is a series that was ahead of it's time. Created by Coleman Luck, who also created the Equaliser, the show dealt with the biological and chemical disasters that are happening in the world today. A case in point is the episode Blood Covenant, where a man infects a blood bank supply with malaria. At the time, donated blood wasn't screened for this illness. A year after the episode was shown a man in Britain became infected with malaria from a blood transfusion. Needless to say the British authorities now screen their blood supplies for this and other illnesses.


It is unfortunate that this series was cancelled before it had a chance to make it's mark. Not only was it far-sighted but it could have enjoyed a following similar to the X-Files if given half the chance. There is currently a letter writing campaign to save the show. Make the difference, help us save The Burning Zone.

Airing in the U.S. on UPN, the show never really grabbed the audience. Midway through the season, Coleman Luck left the show in a dispute with Universal (who produced the show). The conspiracy side of the story was beefed up, but to no avail. The Burning Zone only lasted 19 episodes before being canceled. The show was first aired on the 3rd September 1996 on UPN.

Scott Brazil, Richard Compton, Oscar L. Costo, Janet Greek, Michael Katleman, Michael Lange, Nancy Malone, Bradford May, Michael Miller, Stephen L. Posey, Jesús Salvador Treviño