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In Gotham City's museum, Batman and Robin go for action to attempt to stop the iciest of their enemy, Mister Freeze. As a real madman and helped by a horde of wicked working for him, Freeze has come to steal a diamond of the size of a grapefruit. His arm, the systematic freezing of everything that could cross his road. Despite Batman's bravery and his faithful servant, Mister Freeze escapes after a long pursuit through the city's streets.

Mister Freeze - Batman & Robin
Mister Freeze

To understand who is the vilain, it is necessary to have a look on Doctor Victor Fry. His wife caught the McGregor's syndrome and the scientist he is has deep-frozened her in the meantime to find the formula that will allow to elaborate for her an efficient vaccine. While he works to the elaboration of this antidote, an accident precipitates him into a cryo vat. Today, Victor Fry has become a mutant and he can only survive surronded by very low temperatures, moving into a refrigerated scuba frozen thanks to a outstanding fuel... diamonds.

Bruce Wayne, alias Batman, decides then to trap Mister Freeze so as to capture him. He organizes an auction for one of the largest known diamond, the "Isis's Heart".

Arrested, the iceman is rapidly delivered by the very pretty and poisonous Poison Ivy, his allied and by a monstrous warrior known as Bane.

Batmen and Robin meet the beautiful and dangerous Poison Ivy - Batman & Robin
Batmen and Robin meet the beautiful and dangerous Poison Ivy

But while Batman and Robin are occupied to hunt this wicked super duet that seem invincible, the Batman's secret is pierced by Barbara, Alfred's niece, Wayne's faithful servant caught by a serious sickness. Barbara endorses the suit of Batgirl created by her uncle and flies to our two heroes's help. While Batman, Robin and Batgirl fight to stop Poison Ivy and Bane, Freeze takes the control of the observatory of Gotham City, freezes it and tackles now the refrigeration of the whole city thanks to his freezing gun. It remains only eleven minutes for Batman to attempt to defrost the metropolis dived into the darkness of the night and to save its residents before the cold does not create unrepearable damages...

Bruce Wayne (as Batman) and his faithfull servant Alfred - Batman & Robin
Bruce Wayne (as Batman) and his faithfull servant Alfred
 Spoiler ! the end of the story is revealed below…

Thanks to a satellite network installed by Wayne, Batman aligns the telescopes of the observatory in order that the satellites's mirrors transmit the sunlight that illuminates currently the other part of the planet. The observatory of Gotham City is completely destroyed. Batman, Robin and Batgirl thaw the city in time and apprehend Mister Freeze. The former gives Batman an antidote that will allow Alfred to cure. In exchange, Wayne authorizes Freeze to resume his researches that are going to allow him to save his wife. For Poison Ivy, Mister Freeze will have no pity because she attempted to kill his deep-frozened wife. Now that three heroes are watching on Gotham City, it will be necessary to enlarge the Batcave !