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Gotham City is in prey of a new threaten. Two-Face sow panic in the city. Persuaded that Batman is responsible for his disfigurement, the formerly district attorney Harvey Dent wants to kill the winged man at any cost. But Batman also has a new enemy in the person of Edward Nygma. Former employee of Wayne, the mad engineer wants to have revenge with his boss who refused his new invention capable to draw information from brains of each Gotham inhabitants.

Edward Nygma who is quickly going to become "The Riddler" allies to Two-Face. In exchange of the financing of his invention that is going to allow him to store the intellectual goods of Gotham City, he proposes his new partner to deliver him Batman's secret.

Edward Nygma in nice companie - Batman Forever
Edward Nygma in nice companie

As for Wayne, he literally falls in love with the Doctor in psychology Chase Meridian. While he assists with Chase to a circus spectacle, Two-Face makes irruption and releases a bomb that has to kill all spectators. Thanks to the intervention of Dick Grayson and his family of flying trapeze artists who will find death, the worse is avoided. But the young Dick wants a revenge with Two-Face. He is temporarily confided to Wayne. Dick will quickly discover who hides behind the mask of Batman and wishes to associate with him to suffocate his revenge thirst.

Two-Face - Batman Forever
Bruce Wayne - Batman Forever
Bruce Wayne

Fed up to seek revenge of his parent's murderer that in fact sink him in an extreme loneliness and clairvoyant that Dick follows his own path, Bruce decides to let Batman down and to unveil ahead Chase...

 Spoiler ! the end of the story is revealed below…

While he is on the point to confess his real identity, the two vilains and their pack of plunderers make irruption at Wayne's home. They destroy the secret laboratory of Batman as well as the Batmobile and kindap the Doctor Meridian.

Association of vilains - Batman Forever
Association of vilains

Thanks to the must Alfred, Bruce Wayne discovers the real identity of "The Riddler". With the blessing of Wayne's faithful friend and servant, Dick Grayson becomes "Robin", Batman's new masked partner. Together, they leave to the help of Chase. After a hard and long fight, Batman frees Chase from Two-Face claws and sends Edward Nygma into a psychiatric hospital. When to Chase who understood that Batman and Bruce Wayne were one, she is well decided to keep the secret for herself and for the love of the millionaire man.

Dr. Chase Meridian - Batman Forever
Dr. Chase Meridian