Battle of the Stars

(Battaglie negli spazi stellari)

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The spaceship Magellan, somewhere in outer space, discovers an underground city on an asteroid where rules a strong magnetic activity. The exploration team is under attack. The Magellan takes off urgently and has just the time to warn the Earth space base Altaïr, when spaceships fly to its pursuit and destroy it. It is clear that the Earth is on the way to undergo an alien invasion and the failure of the planet defense system is worrying.

With these events, terrestrial force carry all their hopes on Mike Leyton, the inventor of a new system of defense. He has to interrupt his holidays with his friend Diane Green in a natural park.

Mike Leyton - Battle of the Stars (Battaglie negli spazi stellari)
Mike Leyton

Meanwhile, an alien spaceship lands on Earth. When a team attempts to intercept it, its members disappears momentarily from the scopes. Visitors stole their bodies in order to attack and destroy Altaïr, that raise on their path in the conquest of the blue planet.

Mike and Diane fly to their search. They escape in extremis the horrible end of their predecessors and are saved from Setis and Watson, two humans now controlled by the invader, by Irk and his little boy, Hazard. Irk explains that they come from the planet Gallimede. He observed the preparations of the invasion of the Earth by the Gonian army. Anyway, his intervention is not disinterested. The universe is in danger. Gallimede is indeed the next planet on the Gonian's list that want to make the Earth a necessary outpost for the conquest of the galaxy. Thanks to the wonderful powers of the child, the earthlings repel an attack against the central computer of Altaïr and stop a hostage plan.

Space Walk - Battle of the Stars (Battaglie negli spazi stellari)
Space Walk

Mike Leyton continues his mission. It has to put in place his new system of defense that would be efficient enough to repel the enemy invasion. While he works in space, he crosses the spaceship Magellan. This one has not been destroyed but when he climbs onboard, he can only observe the death of its crew.

Mike can only observe the death of its crew - Battle of the Stars (Battaglie negli spazi stellari)
Mike can only observe the death of its crew

Later, Mike, Diane, Irk and Hazard are removed by a Gonian spaceship and lead on the galactic base of the invaders. They meet the supreme entity that contains all the intelligence of the Gonian people, a high-tech computer that explains their thirst of conquest by the decline of their bodies. Their race has to get new bodies or disapear...

 Spoiler ! the end of the story is revealed below…

Thanks to the intervention of Hazard who cannot be deprived of his body, the child, in reality a robot, escapes and destroys the enemy computer before dying. Mike jumps in a spaceship to join the earth base. After having lifted the doubt during the appearance of the Diane's double, he stops the attack that had to destroy Altaïr nuclear reactor. When the invasion of the earth is launched, the system of defense put in place by Mike repels the assault of the enemy flotilla, saves the earth and their new friends.

Diane, Hazard, Irk and Mike are prisoners of the Gonians - Battle of the Stars (Battaglie negli spazi stellari)
Diane, Hazard, Irk and Mike are prisoners of the Gonians

DoctorSF's Words

Alfonso Brescia who directed this movie as Al Bradley, in master of low-budget Italian productions, used the shooting to edit two other movies : "Battaglie negli spazi stellari" (US Title : Cosmos: War of the Planets) and "Sette uomini d'oro nello spazio" (US Title : Star Odyssey)