Battle for the Planet of the Apes

(Battle for the Planet of the Apes)

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Northern America, 2670. After the ape rebellion, the greatest cities of the world have been swept by the nuclear fire. Caesar, the rescuer of the ape people has collected some survivors and built a new civilization in green valleys where live in peace apes and humans. But this unification is not the taste of all. Gorillas lead by Aldo, refute all sharing of this society with man. Casar still can retain Aldo's warlike ardors towards humans and extols wisdom and agreement, but for how many time ? the revolt of gorilla growls.

Apes and Humans live in harmony - Battle for the Planet of the Apes
Apes and Humans live in harmony

When his friend MacDonald explains Caesar that file documents concerning his parents have not been destroyed by the holocaust, the sage decides to organize an expedition and to find these documents. These ones are still present in the subterranean chests of the forbidden city where radiations are ubiquitous. Geiger device in hand, MacDonald, the Orang-Outang Virgil and Caesar leave in expedition to the radiated city he nevertheless forbid himself.

Discovering the forbidden city - Battle for the Planet of the Apes
Discovering the forbidden city

Ceasar gets the recordings of the official commission of 1973 concerning the arrival of strangers on Earth, Zira and Cornelius; his parents he is happy to see for the first time. These archives equally learn him that gorillas will be in the future the main cause of the annihilation of the planet. The little group quiclky notices that in the city, some humans are still living despite the effect of radiations and have seen their metabolisms modified. These ones are taking the risk to put a term to twelve years of peace are are well decided to kill the visitors. Our three explorers escape, but the Governor Kolp, the chief of the mutants decides to pursue them and to reverse the new ape company.

Caesar summons an extraordinary meeting of the ape council so as to explain what they saw in the forbidden city and so as to sensitize the apes about the possible danger that represent mutants. This meeting is marked by the action of gorillas, that under the Aldo's tutelage, leave the council in complete disagreement with Caesar. Aldo wishes to take arms to annihilate the mutants, humans but equally in the secret hope to reverse Caesar. When Cornelius, Caesar's son, surprises gorillas in the middle of their plot preparation, Aldo kills him…

Humains have decided to attack - Battle for the Planet of the Apes
Humains have decided to attack
 Spoiler ! the end of the story is revealed below…

Although the murder is camouflaged as an accident, MacDonald knows that Caesar's son has been killed by the leader of gorillas who immediately takes the power. Aldo robs the weaponry and encloses all humans. Heavily armed, the mutants launch the attack against the village of monkeys. After a fierce battle, the apes repel the mutants. In his clemency, Caesar leaves the surviving mutants to get back home but they are recaptureed and massacred by gorillas and their blood thirstiness's chief. When Caesar learns that Aldo is the murderer of his son, an immutable rule comes to change : a monkey « can » kill an other monkey. Caesar kills Aldo and restores arms to the guardian of the weaponry. Humans and monkeys can live in peace again.