The Green Slime

(The Green Slime)

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The space station Gamma 3, ordered by Vince Elliott, detects a class 2 asteroid (6 millions tons), whose race would have to entail a collision with the Earth. Jack Rankin leaves for space station Gamma 3. He is designated to lead a delicate operation. With a team, he has to land on Flora, the asteroid, and to make it explode before it strikes the Earth. On Gamma 3, he meets  the nurse Lisa Benson, his previous girlfriend, now betrothed to the commander of the station, Vince Elliott.

The crew designated for the mission embarks in a small shuttle. Aboard,   accompanied by some astronauts, Jack and the Doctor Halvorsen take place. After a short flight, they land on the asteroid. Two crew are formed and, assisted of light drilling vehicles, have to dig the ground to deposit there nuclear loads on each side of the asteroid. The Doctor seizes the opportunity to realize somes analysis and radiation measures on the rock surface. He discovers a kind of green slim that seems alive. The matter is even tough, since it prevents vehicles to return to the shuttle, obliging astronauts to return by foot. Jack orders to reject the sample collected by Halvorsen. While he breaks the jar containing the sample, a small piece of the slim remains hung on the space suit of one of the astronauts.

Docteur Halvorsen discovers a strange gelatinous matter. - The Green Slime
Docteur Halvorsen discovers a strange gelatinous matter.

The shuttle moves away from the asteroid that explodes. The Earth is saved. On the space station, the crew is welcomed as heroes. Nevertheless, nobody notices that the gelatinous piece operates a real transformation in the decontamination spacesuit chamber. The thing enlarges visibly and kills the technician in place by electrocution.

Vince et Jack understand that the creature quickly reproduce. - The Green Slime
Vince et Jack understand that the creature quickly reproduce.

The thing is a green monster with long tentacles possessing a huge threatening red eye. It electrocutes all what it finds on its passage. Despite attempts to apprehend it, the monster disappears in the corridors of the station. The analysis of its blood demonstrates that it feeds with electricity and that it reproduce at a breathtaking speed.

The monster is discovered in the station's infirmary. Jack and the crew  manage to push it back and to enclose it in a room. The monster then auto-mutilates in order that its blood spreads to the exterior of the room to reproduce in greater number. Gamma 3 is put in quarantine. Energy of the station is vampirised by a horde of green red eyes monsters avid of electricity.

The thing is avid of electricity - The Green Slime
The thing is avid of electricity

Vince has a plan. It is necessary to attract them thanks to strong allogene lights and to isolate them in the C block of the station. That's what they do, but in the action, the Doctor is equally trapped in the C block, victim of the  monsters and dies electrocuted. Monsters fire explosives present in the block, destroying a part of the station. The only solution to this lost in advance fight is the evacuation and the disintegration of the station...

Space station Gamma 3 C block explodes - The Green Slime
Space station Gamma 3 C block explodes
 Spoiler ! the end of the story is revealed below…

But the panel of evacuation is blocked by the numerous monsters on the external walls. Vince then dresses with a space suit, and followed by some men leaves in space to release the panel.

Evacuation shuttles can now leave Gamma 3. Jack in his turn dresses with a space suit and projects the space station to the Earth. He evacuates just in time and will be recuperated as well as Vince in one of the shuttle. Gamma 3 inflames and explodes while Lisa falls in love with Jack.