Memoirs of an Invisible Man

(Memoirs of an Invisible Man)

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Nick Halloway lives a quiet sophisticated stock analyst life until the day he is victim of a freak. While he participates in a congress at Maniascopics, a research center for nuclear fusion near Santa-Mira in California, a flow of events releases in one the industrial plant laboratory. A molecular instability begins to transform the building that is immediately evacuated. Nick - who after a belated evening at his club house founded a distant tranquil room to have rest - is the direct victim. The building and all that it contains becomes invisible.

Escaping again, he decides to meet the Dr. Bernard Wachs from Maniascopics in order that this one undos what he did. But this one cannot help him. Noticed once more, Nick decides to leave San Fransicso and finds refuge in the house of his friend George Talbot, well decided to ascend the slope.

Nick contacts the Dr. Wachs - Memoirs of an Invisible Man
Nick contacts the Dr. Wachs

Some days later, accompanied by his wife, Richard and Alice Monroe, George arrives to have a week-end in his sea house. The former do not delay to discover that Nick has come here, and for cause... he is here ! Our invisible man rapidly notices that he cannot trust on his friend George and Richard. So, hoping that she will accept to help him, he meets Alice. Alice Monroe is a young and beautiful attorney now working for the cinema. Nick met her and loved her the night before his participation to the Maniascopics congress. First surprised, she finaly accepts the truth and decides to help him...

Halloway have some makeup - Memoirs of an Invisible Man
Halloway have some makeup
 Spoiler ! the end of the story is revealed below…

For an invisible man, life is not as easy as it would be. Nick is saw again by Jenkins. Alice and he are obliged to escape again. They decide to leave far and they take the train to Mexico. Jenkins is there too. In the pursuit race, Nick is ejected from the train and falls into a river.

Jenkins uses Alice as a change - Memoirs of an Invisible Man
Jenkins uses Alice as a change

Later, the invisible man is going to construct a learned stratagem to free Alice who is between Jenkins's hands; a bargaining chip for Halloway. The tenacity of the corrupted official will have reason of him and he will die in a breathtaking fall from the summit of a building. Now, Alice and Nick can enjoy a new life in a distant place of Switzerland.

Will Jenkins succeed to catch the invisible man ? - Memoirs of an Invisible Man
Will Jenkins succeed to catch the invisible man ?

Nick Halloway - Memoirs of an Invisible Man
Nick Halloway
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Nick arouses suddenly a very great interest from David Jenkins, a frenzied manhunt by a corrupt government official who wants him to become an assassin. Halloway escapes and returns at his home at Sacramento. But Jenkins to send a team to pick him up.