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After the crash of their spaceship on the forest planet of Endor, the Towani family is accidentally separated. Jeremitt and Catarine leave in search of their child Mace and Cindel. These last meet the residents of the planet, the Ewoks, littles hairy beings very close to the very friendly teddy bear. The peaceful people leads them in their village built in the heart of the trees.

An Ewok, an inhabitant of the planet - The Ewok Adventure
An Ewok, an inhabitant of the planet

But Mace is well determined to do everything to find back his parents. Ahead the difficulties of the language met with the Ewoks, Mace and his little sister escape during the night. Thanks to the intervention of Wicket, the low aged Ewok, and his friends, they escape to an horrible monster on which they discover their father's life bracelet. The Ewoks lead the children to Logray, the magician as old as the trees. The former is able to find the lost parents. He effectively discovers that Mace's parents are retained captive by the giant monster Gorax that lives in a mark where no Ewok has never come back alive.

Cindel, the little sister of the couragous Mace - The Ewok Adventure
Cindel, the little sister of the couragous Mace

Nevertheless the Ewoks decide to come in assistance to the humans and form an expedition joined by different celebrity such as Chukha-Trok, a Ewok woodcutter and Kaink, the Ewok priestess. After many adventures, crossing the desert of sand, the dried lake and other sulphurous pools,

the caravan of courage arrives finally at the foot of the Gorax's fortress, a mountain that seems untakable...

Mace Towani - The Ewok Adventure
Mace Towani

Thanks to some authorities distributed by Logray the Ewok magician to the members of the expedition, they discover an entry whose access is forbidden by an immense rock. The boy uses his pistolaser to explode it. With the assistance of the whole team, Mace will have reason of the terrible giant and will save his parents, happy to find back liberty and their children who met a new people.

DoctorSF's Words

Here it is, the Star Wars sequel has ended with episod six RETURN OF THE JEDI and sadness gains the fans. One year later, as the trilogy hasn't been broadcasted on TV and it won't be done for many more years, a new Star Wars episode arrives with thoses little teddy bears called the Ewoks who come back on the TV screens. Of course it is not a sequel but rather a parallel story from RETURN OF THE JEDI that takes place on the moon of Endor. For the fans, this little TV movie proposed by Lucasfilm was a delight for the youngsters. It will be sequeled by another episode called EWOKS: THE BATTLE FOR ENDOR.