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The Robgen company, presided by Mr. Goddard Marx, has made fortune by creating the "Automatic", a android specially conceived to insure the security of its buyers. Five years after the launching of this succesful product, Robgen is ready to put on the market a robot much more perfected. The last Robgen invention will be unveiled during a very awaited press conference...

The day before, Barker, one of leaders of the company, asks to his secretary, Nora, to stay a bit later than usually at work. The miserable is attacked by her superior. The shouts of the young woman alert J269, a "automatic" in charge of the supervision of the building. By wanting to protect Nora, the robot unfortunately kills Barker...

Major West and Epsilon - Automatic
Major West and Epsilon

The gravity of this accident is able to hardly compromise  the reputation of the company. Marx decides so to eliminate as quickly as possible the two agitators of turmoil. The contract is confided to Major West, a mercenary who leads a goup of  bandits used

to most difficult missions. The assault turns to disaster. Programmed to confront the worse hoodlums, J269 eliminates one after another its assailants. West ask for the help of Epsilon, an endowed mercenaries with a certain charm, who, accompanied by her own team will come to give an hand to West and his boss.

A man hunting begins in the Rodgen company's tour that is now hermetically closed in order that J269 and Nora do not escape. Nora, who  has understood that the android wants to save her life looking to protect her at any costs, begins to fall in love with him to whoom her charms have some effects.

J269 is taken prisonner - Automatic
J269 is taken prisonner
Nora knows that J269 is here to protect her - Automatic
Nora knows that J269 is here to protect her

Always pursuited, they are obliged to escape in a room including Marx future prototype. What they find in is breathtaking...

Nora discovers the breathtaking reality - Automatic
Nora discovers the breathtaking reality

This is not one prototype, but tens of androids perfectly looking like Nora. Nora understands thet SHE is the prototype. In a last hope, Marx attempts to disconnect Nora. But J269 gets rid of him and Major West. While the external population learns the news, our two androids escape hoping now to enjoy a totality peaceful life well deserved.