Attack of the Giant Leeches

(Attack of the Giant Leeches)

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Strange phenomena happen in the surroundings of the swamp of a small city of America. It is first a man who sees in its waters an horrible monster and that a series of gunshot does not seem to have reached. It is then the body of a poacher found dead and empty of his blood on the edges of this same swamp. The dead man was discovered by the pulpy georgous Liz Walker, the very beautiful wife of Dave Walker, bartender of the city. Dave, a man with a rather ungrateful physics, no longer gets control over his wife. Deceived by marriage she has become frivolous and devotes now her charms to Cal Moulton, an opportunist who does not repels them.

Conjugal dispute - Attack of the Giant Leeches
Conjugal dispute

A quick inquiry by the sheriff concludes that the poacher was the victim of an alligator. But this thesis is not Steve Benton's one, the assistant of the Sheriff Kovis, who rather thinks about something as leeches.

When a new dispute intervenes between Dave and Liz, this last profits the opportunity to find back her lover to the surroundings of the swamp. Dave, who seeks to discover the truth about the activities of his wife, follows her and surprises the two lovers. Hungry about them and with the intention to scare them and to humiliate them, the deceived husband obliges the couple to dive into the swamp waters. Unfortunately, it is while two aquatic monsters rise from the water and entail them by the bottom.

Steve is persuaded that a monster lives in the marsh - Attack of the Giant Leeches
Steve is persuaded that a monster lives in the marsh

Dave is charged as murder and arrested by the sheriff who does not want to believe his story. The swamp is probed but no hints about Liz and Cal are found. Becoming the most miserable, man Dave will commit suicide and hang in his cell the following day. While it is proceeded to new searches, two more men disappear. Their boat is capsized by monsters of the swamp, two huge leeches that entail them alive in a sort of underwater cave, eating subaquatic ward in which is already found the couple of lovers. The monstrous beasts feed with the blood of their victim vowed to a slow but certain death.

Steve is now convinced that a monster could have removed the two men. A new saving team is raised but ahead the negative research result, the sheriff's assistant decides to dynamite the swamp. The explosion has for consequence to make ascend to the surface the dead body of the three men, leaving Liz alone in the underwater blood sucking monster den.

The autopsy realised by the Dr. Greyson confirms that the poor victims have been emptied of their blood but, as Cal Moulton had already disappeared since near seven days, his death was only pronounced about only three hours ago. All conclude that Liz Taylor is perhaps still alive in the depths of the marsh and that a sort of aquatic cave supplied of an air pocket could hold her captive…

Steve Benton dives looking for the girl - Attack of the Giant Leeches
Steve Benton dives looking for the girl

Helped by a professional diver, Steve Benton dives in search of the girl. Armed of a harpoon, he discovers the entry of the cave and faces one of the monsters. The two divers succeed in weaken it while Liz's body ascends to the surface. Later, the underground cave will be totally dynamited putting thus an end to the terror of these incredible bloodsucking creatures that the radioactivity coming from a near factory had mutated.