Attack of the 50 Foot Woman

(Attack of the 50 Foot Woman)

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An unidentified object flying overflys the desert of California and crosses the path of Nancy Archer whose car stalls. From the spherical object landed in full middle of the road leaves a giant of at least 10 meter high.

A spherical object lands in the middle of the road - Attack of the 50 Foot Woman
A spherical object lands in the middle of the road
Harry and his mistress Honey Parker - Attack of the 50 Foot Woman
Harry and his mistress Honey Parker

Nancy Archer, scared is seeking the assistance of the police. But, back on places, no trace is observed. Wry, everyone thinks she is mad, and the event becomes a supplementary pretext for her husband to discredit her to eyes of all. The former indeed has a relation with Miss Parker without truly hiding it. Nancy knows about the situation. But Harry Archer, can not leave his wife, the former possesses a great fortune and a jewels for the most surprising, a diamond of a fantastic size.

Nancy and Harry Archer - Attack of the 50 Foot Woman
Nancy and Harry Archer

After a dispute concerning the appearance, her husband administers her a soporific in order that she sleeps, then returns to see his mistress.

Vexed that everyone thinks she is mad, Nancy, accompanied by her husband, returns in the desert in search of the mysterious object and the giant who exited from it. After several hours of researches, the proof is finally made. Nancy finds the kind of satellite. The giant that gets out of it retains Nancy while Harry escapes such as a coward.

The next day, Nancy returns home as if nothing happened. The doctor looks at her and detects some radiations within her. Negligence and murdered suspected by the Sheriff, Harry decides to finish with her wife and prepares to inject her a sedative overdose. But to his great surprise, Nancy has suddenly grown to become a real giant...

The Doctors are quizzical and do not know what they are confronted to. The day after, the Sheriff and Nancy's majordome discover giant steps that they follow. Theses one lead them to the sphere. Penetrating inside the spaceship, they discover the star of Linda, Nancy's diamond among a multitude of others jewels of the same kind before being rejected by the giant. The former destroy their car, but does not kill them before taking off.

Nancy makes rule terror - Attack of the 50 Foot Woman
Nancy makes rule terror

Nancy leaves her coma and liberates chains that retain her members. Profiting of her new size, she goes in search of her husband, well decided to make him pay for his multiple treasons. Destroying electrical pylons, she directs toward the hotel where she knows he is having a party with his mistress. As the former shoots on her, the destruction of Nancy redoubles of strenght. Killing Honey, and taking Harry in her immense hand, men of the Sheriff open the fire. Nancy Archer crumbles, killing by the same opportunity Harry who she finaly will have kept just for her.