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APEX (Advanced Prototype EXploration unit). In the year 2072, the APEX program was brought on line.Its purpose; the exploration of time. To avoir contact, robotic probes were sent to uninhabited areas. Biological tests from early units revealed viral and cellular disorders caused by the transition threw time. To Prevent contamination, and the creation of a time paradox, the A.1.O.1. Priority Order was Implemented. This order mandated that sterilization units be sent to any point in time where a paradox was detected. Once in operation, units would continue to be sent until the complete elimination of the paradox time line.

Advanced Prototype EXploration unit - A.P.E.X.
Advanced Prototype EXploration unit
Nicholas and Natasha - A.P.E.X.
Nicholas and Natasha

During one of these missions of time exploration where an APEX robot was sent from year 2073 to year 1973, the scientist Nicholas Sinclair is accidently found projected in an other dimension of time in which a ravaged humanity fights against an army of APEX robots. In a urban guerrilla without pity against machines, Sinclair is leading a group of soldiers composed of Shepherd, Taylor, Rasheed and Natasha, who in his original world was only his beloved wife. First shocked, he quickly understands what happened : for a century long, robots have automatically been sent here by Sinclair's laboratory responding to the Priority Order A.1.O.1. In a way or another, Sinclair had to return to the laboratory to discover what happened and had to stop this massacre.

With his little group, Sinclair organizes an expedition in search of his laboratory. After a long expedition strewn of bellicose encounters, they get there, but the scientific center is now a heap of ruins. Happily the laboratory room was a very safe place protected from time and it seems still relatively operational. Sinclair has to restart it as quickly as possible.

Natasha, a hard woman... - A.P.E.X.
Natasha, a hard woman...
...who learns for truth. - A.P.E.X.
...who learns for truth.

When an important fall of energy produces, Natasha and he are trapped inside the laboratory. Sinclair profits of this intimate instant to explains her whoom he represents for her. Although Natascha belongs to these victims of the temporal virus, Nicholas and she link deep love feelings. While energy returns, a APEX robot returns from a mission and makes irruption in the scientific center...

At the end of a long gunfight in which Natascha finally dies, a temporal window opens again. Sinclair throws in the tunnel to found himself in its original laboratory in the year 2073. During a short period, he will face himself. He cuts the process of dispatching the machines and thus saves the humanity. The time had buckled the buckle and whole was now normal again… for the humanity, for him and for Natascha he also found back.