American Cyborg: Steel Warrior

(American Cyborg: Steel Warrior)

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Year 17 after the atomic war. All the human survivors are accumulated in cities controlled as prisons by computer systems endowed with artificial intelligence. Rather than eliminating the survivors who have become sterile, the system leaves them withered until their extinction. Cybernetics creatures, formerly conceived to assist humans, work now for the system as guardian in the new order.

A foetus for the future of the mankind - American Cyborg: Steel Warrior
A foetus for the future of the mankind
The Cyborg, a real killing machine - American Cyborg: Steel Warrior
The Cyborg, a real killing machine

Mary is the last fertilizable woman on earth. Helped by a little group of rebels clandestinely struggling against the system, she illegally conceived a foetus preserved in a test tube. To guarantee the future of the humanity, she has to transport at any cost her foetus to the harbor on the other side of the city where an European boat waits for her. It has to drive it on the old continent that has begun to revolt against the machines.

But as the expedition that has to accompany Mary in this dangerous mission readies to leave, a cyborg makes irruption in the laboratory of the rebels. It is a real slaughter. Mary escapes, and the fearsome war weapon goes after her. On the way she meets Austin, a valorous fighter who explains her that it is too dangerous to go to the other side of the city. In exchange for a huge quantity of AZB, a stopping agent against the radioactivity that still reigns on earth, a very courted product, Austin accepts to help her.

Austin accepts to help Mary to join the harbor - American Cyborg: Steel Warrior
Austin accepts to help Mary to join the harbor
Mary must follow her mission - American Cyborg: Steel Warrior
Mary must follow her mission

But the cyborg is on their back. After a terrible struggle, both escape the steel monster that seems invincible and endowed with self regeneration process. In their escape, Austin sees the content of the precious bag transported by the girl. Besides the fact that he risks his life for a cause that is not his, the man understands that the promised AZB does not exist. Angry to have thus been misused, Austin leaves the young mother alone to continue her mission.

While Mary attempts to find her path to the harbor, she is attacked by the "radiated", a group of humans that past radioactive effects have atrociously disfigured. Nevertheless she will be saved by Austin, taken by remorses. Following together their way, they are once more attacked by the cyborg that has found them. In a merciless struggle, the warrior loses an arm...

A merciless struggle - American Cyborg: Steel Warrior
A merciless struggle

Austin is terribly surprised. He was not expecting to be himself a cyborg and he is completely overwhelmed, allthemore that Mary, whom he began to fall in love with, rejects him. Mary, who thinks that Austin has been voluntarily put on her road to make fail her mission, continues alone to the harbor. But while she is on the point to transmit her foetus, the cyborg appears again. Austin who has grafted the amputated arm will come once more to her help. Thanks to the cyborg who had fellings for humans, the humanity will have a new chance.