The Story

In the 80', a secret organisation known as SHADO becomes operationnal. Its purpose is to defend the Earth against an alien race that kidnaps Humans for their bodies.

This series introduces the heroes of SHADO (Supreme Headquarters Alien Defence Organisation). It was created to defend the Earth against possible attacks from beings of other planets onboard unidentified objects - the UFOs. It is a secret military organisation. Officialy, its people work for an english film studio: Harlington-Straker Film Studios.

Shuttle landing on Moonbase - UFO
Shuttle landing on Moonbase


The main SHADO headquaters are hidden beneath a cinema studio near London. SHADO also have a lunar base called Moonbase and a Skydiver submarine fleet. Approaching UFOs are first detected by Space Intruder Detector (SID) an orbital Earth satellite. Initial interception is realised in space thanks to three interceptors launched from Moonbase. In case the interceptors fail to stop the invasion, Sky One, a fighter plane launched from a Skydiver have to act in the Earth's atmosphere. In a last effort, all UFOs that succeed in landing on Earth are chased with terrestrial roving vehicles.

SHADO is commanded by Commander Ed. Straker. Four hundred men are under his orders. His seconds in command are Colonel Alec Freeman, Colonel Paul Foster and Colonel Virginia Lake. Moonbase is often under the control of Lieutenant Gay Ellis. Straker has a superior in General James Henderson, President of the International Astrophysics Commission who gives the necessary funds to SHADO.

Lieutenant Joan Harrington - UFO
Lieutenant Joan Harrington
Commandant Ed Straker - UFO
Commandant Ed Straker

UFO is a TV series appreciated by millions of fans. The series ran for a single season for a total of 26 fifty minutes episodes. It's been distributed by ITC World Wide Distribution.

A UFO crash lands on Earth - UFO
A UFO crash lands on Earth
Lieutenant Ellis walking in the Moonbase corridors - UFO
Lieutenant Ellis walking in the Moonbase corridors

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