The 6th Day

(The 6th Day)

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In 2030, man, thanks to genetics, has gotten rid of incurable diseases and exterminated the hunger in the world. Laboratories possess human organs stocks ready to be transplanted and it is even possible to clone a family pet to match a lost one.  Immortality is almost within reach of man.

Cloning human beings has, however, been forbidden following a bad experience. The 6th Day Law is named with reference to the Bible story where God created Man on the 6th day. Whoever would make the transgression of cloning a human would be condemned to forty years of prison.


Adam Gibson is an ideal family man without who feels a little out of touch with the world that surrounds him.  A hero of the War of the Rain Forest, he now pilots helicopters for the charter company he directs with his friend Hank.

However, a strange phenomenon occurs during one excursion. Adam, who does not understand what has happened to him, dives into a real nightmare.  He returns home to celebrate his birthday, and discovers in his house a clone of himself blowing out his candles with his wife, Natalie, and his daughter, Clara. His whole life capsizes.


Adam involuntarily learns of a terrible secret implicating the president of RePet, Michael Drucker, one of the richest financiers in the world, and his associate, Graham Weir, a famous scientist.  To protect his empire, Drucker sets his henchmen on Adam's trail, under the direction of Marshall and Talia. Their mission is to capture and kill Adam before he reveals their secret cloning experiment.

A scary chase begins for Adam, in which he has to reclaim his identity without losing his life...


(correction by Sifu Rae, Shaolin Priestess)