The Story

« Forty thousand years ago, the most advanced species on earth was wiped out by a powerful new life form. Us. Now another new species has evolved. Stronger, smarter, and dedicated to our annihilation. Leading the fight against them is Dr. Sloan Parker, the bioanthropologist who uncovered their existence. Once again it's survival of the fittest. And this time we are the... Prey. »

At the University of Whitney, when the Doctor Ann Coulter, who works on DNA for the FBI, makes an important discovery on Lynch, the most fearsome serial killer, she is assassinated. Thrust by the mysterious FBI agent Tom Daniels, the Doctor Sloan Parker, a thirty years old young scientist decides to resume her works and to find the terrible secret that hides behind her mentor's death. Quickly, the young woman also makes the fantastic, strange and scary discovery. Lynch's DNA is not Human. After the "Australopithecus", the "Neanderthal" and the "Homo-sapien", a new species is born : the "Homo-genus"...

Sloan Parker - Prey
Sloan Parker

Nevertheless Sloan discovers that Tom Daniels is not the FBI agent he'd like to make believe. His DNA testifies that he is also a member of this new species that could directly threat mankind. "In the natural selection, if two species occupy the same spaces and that resources are limited, the one with the greatest abilities of adaptation takes over".

Sloan Parker is going to fight to prove the existence of these creatures as brilliant as cruel.

To the skepticism of the public and her scientific colleagues, she opposes an impressive determination. But Parker's quest for truth is obviously full of obstacles. She benefits however from the assistance of the Dr Tate, a young shy and devoted colleague, despite the manipulation attempts of the new boss, the Dr Attwood. Sloan Parker will have therefore to battle hard to clear the world from theses dangerous beings, for whom she feels nevertheless attraction and repulsion: a curious blends of love and fear, as the sentimental relationship with the agent Tom Daniels.

The series is composed of a unique season of 13 episodes. "Prey" was first aired between the 15th January and the 9th of July 1998 on ABC channel.

Tom Daniels, FBI agent? - Prey
Tom Daniels, FBI agent?