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In the year 2022, the international prison system is operated by private corporations. Criminals from all over the world are exploited at a profit. Prisons have become big buisiness. Because he killed his superior, the Captain John Robbins is sentenced to life imprisonment and transferred to the penitentiary of Leviticus 6 reputed for its discipline. There, he must face the director of the establishment, who gives free run to his sadistic instincts. He decides to send John on Absolom, a lost island, where are deported the most irreducible convicts.

Arrival at Leviticus 6 - No Escape
Arrival at Leviticus 6

Drop by helicopter in the island's jungle, Robbins quickly discovers that it is submitted to Marek's law, who rules over the « Outsiders », a band of exiles returned to barbarous state. Although he passes with brio the surviving test, Robbins refuses the Marek's offer to hold a high security post besides him and escapes, futhermore humiliating the despot.

John Robbins is arrested by the "Outsiders" - No Escape
John Robbins is arrested by the "Outsiders"

Condamned to death penalty, Robbins is taken in chase and recaptureed by the men of Marek who leave him for death after a breathtaking fall in a chasm. He is saved by an other group of prisoners from Absolom. Theses ones, much more civilized, attempt to survive by reconstructing a « free » society. Even if he his welcomed, Robbins does not want to remain and although they deters him from he wants to do everything to leave the prison island. Robbins notices nevertheless that residents well hide their games. Secretly they develop since several months a plan to escape by sea.

When the escape fails, Robbins proposes them a deal. If he gets them the necessary piece of a V8 engine left to desertion, he will be able to belong to the next escape attempt on board the boat powered by this engine. The « Father », the leader of this handle of men, accepts his proposal and Robbins renders in the territory of Marek where, during his first passage at the « Outsiders », it noticed the necessary piece to realise his part of the deal.

Marek, the despot - No Escape
Marek, the despot

Despite his high warrior talents, Robbins is captured by Marek. He is saved in extremis from atrocious death by a spy infiltrated at the « Outsiders ». Despite his efforts, the realization of the liberty boat will be only a short duration dream when a fighting helicopter commanded by the director of Leviticus destroys the boat even before it is not ended. It is clear that a spy lives among the prisoners of Absolom...

John unmasks the spy - No Escape
John unmasks the spy

Marek and his henchmen launch to the assault of the enemy fortification. Fortunately, thanks to Robbins's advice, the citadel is empty when the barbarians arrive. Robbins and the Father push them into a bloody ambush where many « Outsiders » will perish.

The exit of a final duel between Robbins and Marek will be fatal for this last. Robbins is equally going to unmask the spy working for the jail director. The soldier is going to use him to oblige the director to move by himself on the Absolom island. Obviously it will be for him his last travels in helicopter and for Robbins and some others the first since a long time.