The Snow Creature

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The footprint - The Snow Creature
The footprint

Dr. Frank Parrish, a botanist working for a foundation leaves in expedition in Himalaya so as to pick up vegetal sepcimens in company of Peter Wells a photographer, Subra a Sherpa guide and holders. During the night, Leva, Subra's brother joins the camp so as to warn him Tala - his wife - has been removed by a snow creature. Subra then attempts to convince Parrish to leave in search of his wife but the botanist refuses convinced that the snow creature is only a local legend. The guide takes the arms and constrains Parrish and Wells to leave in search of his wife.

One morning, in the surroundings of the camp, the men discover large footprints. They follow the steps ignoring that the snow creature observes them. The next night, one of the holder is killed. Later, to escape a storm, the group gather in a cave where Subra finds a medallion that was belonging to Tala. While exploring the cave Parrish, Wells and Subra discover the snow creature as well as its female and its offspring. Surprised, the creature attempts to repel men, but provoques the collapsing of the cave, killing its mate and its offspring. Parrish profites of the confusion to disarm Subra and take the control of the expedition. Taking the snow unconscious creature with them, they join seven days later Shekar, the city of departure of the expedition.

The snow creature is there - The Snow Creature
The snow creature is there
Dunbar organises the chase - The Snow Creature
Dunbar organises the chase

Dr. Parrish leaves to Los Angeles holding the snow creature under sedative, closed in a friged crate. At the airport the American imigration services stop the entry on the territory of the snow creature because the administration has first to determine if it is a man or an animal. In the wait the crate is stocked in a warehouse of the customs. While Parrish debate with the autorities on the nature of the creature, it escapes.

The arrival on the american ground - The Snow Creature
The arrival on the american ground

Police lieutenant Dunbar takes the affair, helped by the botanist. The creature agresses several people then apears again in a place far from the city without having been sighted. Parrish realises that the snow creature uses the sewer to move, attracked by the fresh temperature that rules there. Dunbar organises the chase. A policeman is injured by the beast. A trap is installed in which it creature falls. It debates and attempts to strangle Parrish. Dunbar opens fire and kills the creature.