Seven Days

(Seven Days)

 The Story

"You are about to gain access to the most confidential data America holds... We have created a device that can send one human being back in days."

About to jump back in time - Seven Days
About to jump back in time

When the White House is destroyed and when the President and the Vice-president are killed, a race begins for our hero, Frank Parker, released from a CIA psychiatric hospital, who is given an improbable mission : to go back in time.

Helped by a machine whose technology stems from alien discoveries, Frank has to travel in time, to gather information in the present, to jump seven days into the past in order to modify reality and to avoid this terrible tragedy.

Some members of the top secret military organization disapprove of the choice of Parker who, according to them, is seriously disturbed. For others, Parker is a skillful man, intelligent and endowed with a tremendous memory. He is the ideal man. He is transferred to the Head Quarters of the organization, somewhere in the middle the Nevada Desert, where he meets a team of special agents ready to insure the success of the operation. There is agent Nate Ramsey, as well as Captain Craig Donovan, an old friend of Parker's.The scientific team is composed of Olga Vukavitch, who worked on a Russian time travel project before to emigrating to the United States, Isaac Mentnor and the wheel-chair bound astrophysicist John Ballard.

Olga and Frank ready for the departure - Seven Days
Olga and Frank ready for the departure

Helped by this team, Parker has to reverse all sort of situations that could upset the world balance, namely; to save the human race from a terrible virus, to prevent the murder of the presidents of the United States and Russia, to avoid the accident that killed 11 Northern Korean delegates who come in the United States for peace talks...

To do this, he changes the course of History, but can not travel more than 7 days into the past, because the alien technology has not been perfectly mastered (in the pilot episode, we do not know if the experiment is going to succeed).

The series is composed of 66 one-hour episodes, lasting 3 seasons. The pilot was distributed for the first time on the 7th October 1998 on UPN.

Frank Parker, time traveller - Seven Days
Frank Parker, time traveller

Christopher Crowe is the executive producer of "7 days". He is a talented writer and producer who worked on two episodes of "Miami Vice" with Michael Mann, and was co-writer with him on "The Last Mohican". He also produced the 80th "Alfred Hitchcock Presents".

Crowe created "7 days" when somebody asked to him : "What would happen if we possess a device that could help us to correct some events, but with a 7 days limitation?". Crowe, who worked on the script of a movie about Roswell and Area 51, the secret place where the Roswell spaceship is thought to be kept, used his researches for the series.

Colonel Craig Donovan and Olga Vukavitch - Seven Days
Colonel Craig Donovan and Olga Vukavitch
Frank abord the alien technology time sphere - Seven Days
Frank abord the alien technology time sphere

We can find in this series hints "Demain à la Une" and "The Time Tunnel", but its style equally fits well known action dramas or spy series.