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Lucy in the Sky


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Lucy in the Sky

(Lucy in the Sky)


The story of a female astronaut who, upon returning to Earth from a life-changing mission in space, begins to slowly unravel and lose touch with reality.

A movie directed by Noah Hawley

2019 - Color - NC

Status : post-production

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Main Cast

  • Lucy Cola
  • Mark Goodwin
  • Erin Eccles
  • Drew Cola
  • ...
  • Kate Mounier
  • Nana Holbrook
  • Frank Paxton
  • Police Officer
  • Hank Lynch
  • Mayer Hines
  • Emily Goodwin
  • Elementary School Girl
  • (archiveFootage)
  • Chelsea Goodwin

Also Known As

  • Pale Blue Dot (inc)

Release dates

No available information for now.