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In ORIGIN, we meet a group of troubled passengers as they wake up on a damaged spaceship abandoned in deep space. Each having left behind a dark past in search of a fresh start on a newly colonized planet, they're desperate to survive at all costs. But as their terrifying situation spirals into paranoia, they come to realize that the greatest threat to their dream of starting over - and indeed their lives - might actually be within their midst.

A series created by

1 season - 10 episodes

2018 - 45 minutes - Color - NC

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Main Cast

  • Lana Pierce
  • Logan
  • Shun Kenzaki
  • Evelyn Rey
  • Henri
  • Baum Arndt
  • Abigail Garcia
  • Katie Devlin
  • Agnes 'Lee' Lebachi
  • Max Taylor
  • Eric Carlson
  • Venisha Gupta
  • Anthony Frost
  • Captain Sanchez
  • Jonas Ahrends



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