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The Secret of the Telegian

(Densô ningen)


A former army officer Tsudo is seeking revenge on his former greedy comrades who tried to kill him during the war. He targets them one by one by murdering with a bayonet, the same method they tried to kill him. The first of his victims is stabbed to death at an amusement park ‘Cave Of Horrors’ attraction with the killer leaving a dog-tag behind as his calling card. Tsudo has been working as an assistant to a scientist who has created a brilliant machine called the Cryotron. This is a machine that allows a person to teleport themselves anywhere and Tsudo has been using the machine without his boss’ permission to help him in his revenge. He can appear and disappear at will. A reporter, his friend who’s a police detective and many officers start investigating the mysterious murders. Clues lead them to a military themed cabaret club run by a man who is trying to hide something that took place many years previously which involved stolen gold bars. Will the police be able to capture Tsudo? (Asianflicks)

A movie directed by Jun Fukuda

1960 - 85 minutes - Color / Black & White - 2.35

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Main Cast

  • Reporter Kirioka
  • Akiko Chujo
  • Mr. Onishi
  • Det. Capt. Okazaki
  • Sudo, alias Goro Nakamoto
  • Det. Kobayashi
  • Dr. Niki
  • Syôgen Ryû - Cabaret Owner
  • Dr. Murai
  • Amusement Park Announcer
  • Mr. Taki
  • Tsukamoto, first victim
  • Det. Marune
  • Tourist
  • ...



Also Known As

  • The Electrical Facsimile Transmission Human (inc)
  • The Telegian (inc)
  • The Telegraphed Man (inc)

Release dates

  • April 10, 1960
  • April 10, 1960