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Mistress of the World

(Les mystères d'Angkor)


Professor Johansson has made a huge scientific breakthrough; a device that will create a huge magnetic pulse that knocks out all electricity over a continent-wide area. The military applications are already being thought of when Dr. Johansson is kidnapped by a group of profit-seeking mercenaries. Meanwhile, his daughter, Karin, finds herself having to consort with all manner of shady characters as she searches for her father.

A movie directed by William Dieterle, Richard Angst

1960 - 98 minutes - Color - Mono - 1.37

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Main Cast

  • Karin Johansson
  • Madame Latour
  • Peter Lundstroem
  • Biamonte
  • Dr. Lin-Chor
  • Professor Johansson
  • Priester
  • Norvald
  • Brandes
  • Bertrand
  • Dagget
  • Berakov
  • Fernando
  • Jean
  • Dalkin

Also Known As

  • Die Formel des Todes - Teil I (inc)
  • Il mistero dei tre continenti (it)

Release dates

  • October 12, 1960
  • April 14, 1960
  • October 12, 1960
  • April 14, 1960