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Fear the Walking Dead

(Fear the Walking Dead)


The spinoff takes place during the same zombie apocalypse depicted on The Walking Dead but in a different location. It revolves around Sean Cabrera (Curtis), a divorced teacher and Nancy Tompkins (Dickens), a female guidance councilor. Dillane plays the Nancy’s son Nick, who has battled a drug problem. Debnam Carey plays the Nancy’s ambitious daughter Ashley.

A series created by Robert Kirkman, Dave Erickson

5 seasons - 69 episodes

2015 - 45 minutes - Color - Stereo - NC

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Also Known As

  • Cobalt (us)
  • Fear of The Walking Dead (us)

Release dates

  • August 24, 2015 (internet)
  • August 23, 2015
  • August 24, 2015
  • August 24, 2015 (internet)
  • August 23, 2015