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Journey to the Moon

(Rehla ilal kamar)


A Trip to The Moon is a 1959 sci-fi/comedy film from Egypt. It stars the iconic comedian Ismail Yassin. While attempting to take unauthorized photos of a spaceship, Yassin accidently launches it, along with Dr Sharvin, (it's Germanic inventor) and Mr Rushdie, a meteorologist. After several misadventures, and lots of drunkenness by Yassin, they land on the moon. There they meet Dr Cosmo and his bevy of skimpily attired Space Babes. Surprisingly, the Space Babes' inevitable dance sequence is in 50s (western) Modern Dance style, instead of the expected belly dancing. This movie also features one of the all time classic Cardboard Box Robots (

A movie directed by Hamada Abdel Wahab

1959 - 90 minutes - Black & White - NC

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Also Known As

  • Trip to the moon (inc)

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