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Garrison 7

(Garrison 7)


In the not too distant future, the citizens of earth will learn they are not alone in the universe. Limited trade agreements between the planets have seen earth's technology advance, yet as a society it’s inhabitants are still in social and economic decline. A global corporation known as Chimera, headed by the mysterious Empress Morgana, controls the earth via her Legionnaire Military Army. Tom Garrison, our hero, was once a decorated commander in this very army. Tom Garrison, commanding his special forces unit, is sent on a rescue mission to a remote moon. There Garrison and his team, uncover a shocking truth that will change their lives forever. Meanwhile back on earth, the Empress becomes aware of the knowledge Garrison now possesses and dispatches her Varkarian assassin Rogan Tha'an and his men to deal with Garrison and retrieve the data.
When Garrison shares his discovery with his old friend Ambassador Lenal, he learns of a conspiracy that extends to the highest levels of Chimera. Shortly after Garrison's wife is brutally executed and Tom Garrison is framed for her murder. Now the target of an intergalactic manhunt, Tom Garrison will stop at nothing to bring those to justice

A movie directed by Ryctor

20?? - 96 minutes - Color - 16

Status : pre-production

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Also Known As

  • Garrison7: War Is Coming (inc)
  • Garrison 7: War Is Coming (inc)
  • G7 (inc)

Release dates

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