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Track of the Moon Beast

(Track of the Moon Beast)


A fateful shower of lunar fragments shoots through the atmosphere of New Mexico. A meteorite particle strikes young mineralogist Paul Carlson - and an awful transformation begins to take place. Recuperating in bed, Paul responds to the rising of the moon and staggers out into the desert. The next morning a man is found dead - the victim of some kind of beast. A series of slayings linked to the moonrise begins. Paul's professor John Salinas, an American Indian known as Johnny Longbow, identifies the track of the killer beast as that of a million-year-old reptile. A creature of ancient Indian legend is on the prowl - and Longbow and the police discover, to their horror, that the Moon Beast is none other than Paul, who is helpless to stop his transformation into a murderous monster!

A movie directed by Richard Ashe

1976 - 90 minutes - Color - Mono - NC

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Main Cast

  • Paul G. Carlson
  • Kathy Nolan
  • Prof. John 'Johnny Longbow' Salinas
  • Police Captain McCabe
  • Janet Price
  • Dr. Sutton
  • Dr. Lawrence
  • Caroline Harris
  • Sid Harris
  • Budd Keeler
  • Dr. Rizzo
  • The Newscaster

Also Known As

  • След лунного зверя (inc)
  • Track of the Moonbeast (us)

Release dates

No available information for now.