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Zombies from Outer Space

(Zombies from Outer Space)


The late 1950's. Something very strange is taking place. When Maria (Judith Gorgrass) happens upon the dead body of a woman little does she realize the terror that will be unleashed. Noted scientist Dr. Robert Hoelzlein (Florian Kiml) and American Army Captain John Welles (Siegfried Foster), both brought into investigate the crime, soon butt heads over the case and their mutual attraction to Maria. Romance takes a back seat when more bodies are discovered. Who or what has caused these mysterious deaths? (Josh)

A movie directed by Martin Faltermeier

2012 - 90 minutes - Color - Stereo - 16

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Main Cast

  • Maria
  • Dr. Robert Hölzlein
  • Captain John Welles
  • Private Jimmy Anderson
  • Prof. Josef Stock
  • Private Ben Ochmoinek
  • Josef Brandner
  • Gendarm Franz Stadler
  • Pfarrer Weilmann
  • General Cooper
  • Theresa
  • Franziska
  • Rosa (Petra)
  • Sergeant Williams
  • Alois / Erzähler



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