Meatball Machine

(Meatball Machine)


Meatball Machine is a wild, splatterific, experimental sci-fi/horror rollercoaster that will have your entire brain and body shaken and stirred. Capable of making biomechanical weapons out of human flesh, alien parasites grotesquely invade the Earth, turning their hosts into maniacal killers who seek and destroy each other to the bloody death! And yes, it's also a human love story, even though the budding romantics are infested with slimy, tumor-like globules. Codirectors Junichi Yamamoto and Yudai Yamaguchi (Battlefield Baseball) pull out all the stops and don't let up until the final epic battle. It's a touching testament to young love, blood, and alien ooze that leaves you screaming for more!

A movie directed by Yûdai Yamaguchi, Jun'ichi Yamamoto

2005 - 90 minutes - Color - NC

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Also Known As

  • Fundoshi Corps 1 (inc)
  • Mîtobôru mashin (jp)

Release dates

  • September 23, 2006
  • October 14, 2005 (Tokyo International Fantastic Film Festival premiere)
  • February 24, 2006 (Yubari International Fantastic Film Festival)
  • September 23, 2006
  • April 01, 2006 (Philadelphia International Film Festival)