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Invasion of the Love Drones

(Invasion of the Love Drones)


Rod Serling sound-a-like fills us in on the background as a phallic-shaped spaceship hovers over Earth. It seems a group of interstellar hornies known as the "OraGasms" have invaded Earth to absorb its sexual energy which is their food! Before long the entire planet is crawling with zombie love slaves! There are several very good "rough" scenes including a great scene where a female agent is forcefully "droned" by a weightlifter type as she's held down by multiple drones.

A movie directed by Jerome Hamlin

1977 - 71 minutes - Color - Mono - NC

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Main Cast

  • Primary Drone
  • Drone Wife/Drone Masser
  • Pornovision
  • Pornovision
  • Dr. Femme
  • Andrea
  • Janice/Drone Masser (also as Anything Goes)
  • Photographer/Club Drone
  • Sex Servo
  • Sex Servo
  • Agent Frank
  • Molly/Drone Masser
  • Director
  • Agent Rona
  • Motorcycle Drone


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Also Known As

  • Heavenly Pleasure Girls (us)

Release dates

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