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Future Kick

(Future Kick)


In the year 2025, man is ruled by his own technology. The rich have retreated to the security of the moon, leaving behind a night-marish planet Earth where survival is life's only ambition. Corporations terrorize the common man, dealing to a black market that hungers for everything - even parts of the human body!
Into this terrifying world steps Nancy Morgan (Meg Foster, Leviathan, Blind Fury, The Osterman Weekend and They Live) a beautiful woman whose husband has been savagely murdered on Earth. To track and eliminate the killer, she hires Walker (Don "The Dragon" Wilson, star of the popular Bloodfist films) - a bounty hunter who's half human and half machine, and skilled in every form of martial arts and weapons defense. Together they must travel to Earth, where Walker's deadly expertise is challenged by the ruthless killer (Christopher Penn, Footloose, All The Right Moves, Pale Rider, Best of The Best and At Close Range) - and where they discover the horrible truth about a world that reels on the brink of insanity.

A movie directed by Damian Klaus

1991 - 76 minutes - Color - Stereo - NC

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