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Juarez 2045

(Juarez 2045)


It's the year 2045. War on drugs in Mexico has escalated as drug Cartels use robots to enforce their operations. A Marine goes to Juarez in search for his brother's killer who leads the robotic Cartel...

A movie directed by Chris Le

2017 - 90 minutes - Color - NC

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Main Cast

  • Angel Malvado
  • Military Police Officer
  • Chris
  • Carson Wright
  • Mickey
  • Stewart
  • A.D.A.M.
  • Beck
  • Miguel
  • Hostage
  • Luke Hemsworth
  • Gabriel Malvado
  • Mila
  • Estevan Flores
  • Carmen



Also Known As

  • Cartel 2045 (inc)

Release dates

No available information for now.