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One by one, the members of a camping party are being eaten alive by a creature they can't see. The truth is beyond their worst nightmare: a genetically-engineered sabretooth tiger has escaped from the lab and is on the loose making up for millions of years of lost time. As a hunter struggles to track the beast, the body count rises. Every second counts, and the future of mankind may be the price for failure...

A TV Movie directed by James D.R. Hickox

2002 - 120 minutes - Color - NC

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Main Cast

  • Bob Thatcher
  • Catherine Viciy
  • Anthony Bricklin
  • Casey Ballenger
  • Trent Parks
  • Leon Tingel
  • Lola Rodriguez
  • Jason
  • Kara Harmon
  • Amanda
  • Sean
  • Billy
  • Nathan
  • Attendant
  • Silent Bob



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Also Known As

  • Sabertooth (us)

Release dates

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