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Million Dollar Crocodile

(Bai wan ju e)


Bald Liu, owner of a rundown crocodile park, has arranged to sell the reptiles to a crooked businessman, Zhao. Among the crocodiles is a huge, 8 meter-long female, nicknamed Mao, who weighs 2 tons. In fact, Zhao, who has wanted to buy Mao ever since Liu trumped him at a black market in Guangdong province 11 years earlier, intends to kill the reptiles to supply his illegal wild-game restaurant. Mao escapes being slaughtered and chases after a woman, Wen Yan, who has just returned from eight years working in Italy and has had a row with her two-timing fiancé. While defending herself, Wen Yan has her bag - which contains her €100,000 savings swallowed by Mao. She alerts a junior local policeman, Zhun, who initially doesn't believe her. Eventually, however, he takes her back to his home and tells her to look after his young son, who's always skipping school to go to the crocodile park. When Bald Liu tells Zhun that Mao is heading along a traditional breeding path to lay her eggs, Zhun realizes his house is in the way and rushes to rescue them. Wen Yan is still desperate to trap the crocodile and retrieve her life savings before they're digested, and in the meantime Zhao has also learned about the money inside the reptile. Next day, all parties and a police force, search for the "million yuan" crocodile, which is now heading for Hangzhou's West Lake beauty spot.

A movie directed by Lisheng Lin

2012 - 90 minutes - Color - NC

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Main Cast

  • Wen Yan
  • Wang Beiji
  • Bald Liu
  • Zhao Da Zui
  • Chaozhou Guy
  • Wang Xiaoxing
  • Zhou Xiaoou
  • Auntie Seven
  • Wang
  • Liu's Wife
  • Police Chief
  • Xiao Jie
  • Superman
  • Chaozi


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Also Known As

  • Croczilla (inc)
  • CrocZilla (us)

Release dates

  • June 08, 2012
  • June 08, 2012
  • February 12, 2013 (DVD premiere)