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The Greatest American Hero

(The Greatest American Hero)


William Katt stars as Ralph Hinkley, an ordinary school teacher who becomes extraordinary after an encounter with extraterrestrials which leaves him with a red power suit that transforms him into a superhero! But when he loses the suit's instruction manual, Ralph must learn by trial and error to control the capabilities and powers of his magic suit to fight the battle against injustice and crime. With the help of his attorney girlfriend Pam Davidson (Connie Sellecca) and FBI agent Bill Maxwell (Robert Culp), the world's most unlikely flying crime fighter gets tangled in one outrageous adventure after another!

A series created by Stephen J. Cannell

3 seasons - 44 episodes

1981 - 60 minutes - Color - Mono - 1.33

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Main Cast

  • Ralph Hinkley
  • Bill Maxwell
  • Pam Davidson
  • Paco Rodriguez
  • Rhonda Blake
  • Tony Villicana
  • Cyler Johnson

Also Known As

No available information for now.

Release dates

  • March 18, 1981
  • March 18, 1981