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3rd Rock from the Sun

(3rd Rock from the Sun)


Four extra-terrestrials suddenly materialize in the college town of Rutherford, Ohio. Disguised as humans, they name themselves the Solomons - Dick , Sally, Tommy, and Harry. On the surface, this family functions as normal as possible, but underneath they are out of sync with every person on the planet. Their mission from The Big Giant Head is to study a confusing planet and its confounding inhabitants while trying to gain acceptance on Earth. Welcome to Earth, Baby!

A series created by Bonnie Turner, Terry Turner

6 seasons - 139 episodes

1996 - 25 minutes - Color - Stereo - 1.33

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Main Cast

  • Dr. Dick Solomon
  • Sally Solomon
  • Harry Solomon
  • Tommy Solomon
  • Dr. Mary Albright
  • Nina Campbell
  • Mrs. Mamie Dubcek
  • Officer Don

Also Known As

  • Life As We Know It (inc)
  • 3rd Rock (us)
  • Third Rock from the Sun (us)

Release dates

  • April 19, 1996
  • January 09, 1996
  • March 20, 1996
  • April 19, 1996
  • January 09, 1996