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Four Sided Triangle

(Four Sided Triangle)


Graduate students Robin Grant (John Van Eyssen) and Bill Leggat (Stephen Murray) have both loved the beautiful Lena (Barbara Payton) since childhood. After years of perseverance by both men, Lena finally chooses Robin, and the two become engaged. Devastated by the news of Lena's plans, Bill uses his latest science experiment, a cloning device that duplicates matter, to create a "new Lena" for himself. Unfortunately, this device performs too well, producing a clone that also loves Robin. Furious and desperate, Bill decieds to use electro-schock to burn the memory of love out of the clone's brain...

A movie directed by Terence Fisher

1953 - 81 minutes - Black & White - Mono - 1.37

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Main Cast

  • Lena / Helen
  • Dr. Harvey
  • Bill
  • Robin
  • Sir Walter
  • Lena as a Child
  • Bill as a Child
  • Robin as a Child
  • Lord Grant
  • Solicitor
  • Lady Grant



Also Known As

  • The Monster and the Woman (inc)

Release dates

  • May 25, 1953
  • June 15, 1953
  • May 25, 1953
  • June 15, 1953