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Eve of Destruction

(Eve of Destruction)


Created in the image of her inventor, Eve VIII is the flawless culmination of years of research, or is she? When an unexpected mishap during testing sends her into a sudden, irreversible rampage, Eve begins stalking and killing anything she perceives as a threat. And now it's up to terrorism expert Jim McQuade (Gregory Hines) to find and deactivate her before she realizes her ultimate capability - nuclear annihilation!

A movie directed by Duncan Gibbins

1991 - 99 minutes - Color - Dolby - 1.85

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Main Cast

  • Colonel Jim McQuade
  • Dr. Eve Simmons / Eve VIII
  • General Curtis
  • Bill Schneider
  • Peter Arnold
  • Steve the Robot
  • Scientist / Waiter
  • Dr. Heller
  • Dawn Perlin
  • First Scientist
  • Young Man on Train
  • Skaaren
  • Bank Robber #1
  • Bank Robber #2
  • Carter




$13 000 000

Also Known As

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Release dates

  • January 18, 1991
  • January 18, 1991