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The Day the Fish Came Out

(The Day the Fish Came Out)


1972. A plane carrying nuclear bombs is in trouble when flying over the Aegean Sea. Finally, it must release its cargo over the desert island of Xaros. Both pilots eject from the plane only dressed with a slip for clothing. While hiding to the eyes of the people, they try to find the nuclear cargo ...

A movie directed by Mihalis Kakogiannis

1967 - 109 minutes - Color - Mono - NC

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Main Cast

  • The Navigator
  • The Pilot
  • Elias
  • Electra Brown
  • Peter
  • The Dentist
  • Goatherd
  • Mrs. Mavroyannis
  • Fred
  • Goatherd's Wife
  • Mr. French
  • Man in Bed
  • Manolios
  • Travel Agent
  • Director of Tourism

Also Known As

  • ...Otan ta psaria vgikan sti steria! (gr)

Release dates

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