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The Mouse That Roared

(The Mouse That Roared)


In this classic satire, the Duchess (Peter Sellers) and the Prime Minister (Peter Sellers) of the tiny Duchy of Grand Fenwick have come up with a brilliant plan to keep their country from going broke- make war on the United States, lose, then collect lots of American post-war aid. Their only mistake is not telling their invasion force leader (Sellers again, in chainmail!) that he's supposed to lose. Sellers lands in New York City during an air raid drill and finds the streets empty. He then proceeds to capture a brilliant scientist (David Kossoff), his assistant (Jean Seberg) and his awesome new weapon. The U.S. is forced to surrender! Grand Fenwick then forms the League of Little Nations which presents the big nations with its terms- PEACE FOREVER.

A movie directed by Jack Arnold

1959 - 83 minutes - Color - Mono - 1.85

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Main Cast

  • Grand Duchess Gloriana XII / Prime Minister Count Rupert of Mountjoy / Tully Bascombe
  • Helen Kokintz
  • Will Buckley
  • Doctor Alfred Kokintz
  • Benter
  • General Snippet
  • United States Secretary of Defense
  • Roger
  • Cobbley
  • Air Raid Warden
  • BBC Announcer
  • Pedro

Also Known As

  • Рёв мыши (inc)
  • The Day New York Was Invaded (inc)

Release dates

  • July 17, 1959
  • July 17, 1959
  • October 26, 1959 (New York City, New York)