Newcomer Christine Spencer stars as The Girl, alone in a post-apocalyptic world laid waste by a futile war of competing philosophies and beliefs. Cult horror star Angus Scrimm (Phantasm) stands out as The Scientist who witnessed the dawn of the Robot War... Men started this war, the machines will finish it.

A movie directed by James Felix McKenney

2006 - 83 minutes - Black & White - NC

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Main Cast

  • The Girl
  • The Scientist
  • The Enemy Leader
  • Enemy Commander
  • Soldier Robot
  • Sick Enemy
  • Enemy Guard
  • Enemy Segeant
  • Enemy Man-at-Arms
  • Soldier Robot
  • Communications Captain
  • Warbots Mk 1 & 2
  • Enemy Guard
  • Companion Robot Voice
  • Sick Enemy



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Also Known As

  • Death to the Automatons (us)

Release dates

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