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The Great Ghost Rescue

(The Great Ghost Rescue)


Young Humphrey is a ghost with a big problem. He and his family, the Craggyfords, have been ousted from their home and left without a place to haunt. As they search for new haunting grounds they soon discover that they are not alone. Ghosts from all over the world have been exorcised from their dwellings, with dark castles and ancient buidlings being destroyed by the living, and turned into shopping centers. with time running out, Humphrey digs deep inside and decides to help save his family and the rest of the haunting community by scaring his way to victory!

A movie directed by Yann Samuell

2011 - 95 minutes - Color - NC

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Main Cast

  • Narrator (voice)
  • Mabel
  • Winifred
  • Humphrey
  • Barnabus
  • The Head Master
  • Hamish
  • Master Wraith
  • Builder
  • Lord Alfred Seymour
  • Prime Minister
  • Brad / Barnabus
  • Mr Burnley
  • Doctor
  • Antonius



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