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Spontaneous Combustion

(Spontaneous Combustion)


In the mid 1950's, a young husband and wife become human guinea pigs for Project Samson, a top-secret experiment exposing them to massive amounts of atomic bomb radiation. But when the couple dies in a shocking "accident", their infant son grows up to be a man whose rage can cause people to suddenly explode into flames. Now the government's murderous experiment may not be over... and one man's use of his horrific 'gift' has only just begun.

A movie directed by Tobe Hooper

1990 - 97 minutes - Color - Dolby - 1.85

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Main Cast

  • Sam
  • Lisa Wilcox
  • Dr. Marsh
  • Lew Orlander
  • Nina
  • Rachel
  • Springer
  • Dr. Cagney
  • General
  • Lt. General
  • Dr. Persons
  • Peggy Bell
  • Brian Bell
  • Young Orlander
  • Student Director



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Also Known As

  • Спонтанное возгорание (inc)

Release dates

  • February 23, 1990
  • February 23, 1990