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Life in Perfection, Nevada, isn't so perfect since the small town developed a very big problem with man-eating, morphing monsters. Inspired by the movies that have become beloved cult classics, this fun, thrilling TV series reveals more of the down 'n' dirty battles as the locals attempt to coexist with the Graboids, Shriekers and Ass Blasters now on the "protected species" list, including a particularly large Graboid nicknamed "El Blanco." Add to the craziness a combination of secret labs, the gene-blending "Mixmaster" and the occasional fanatical tourist, and there's never a dull moment in Perfection.

A series created by Brent Maddock, Nancy Roberts, S.S. Wilson

1 season - 13 episodes

2003 - 60 minutes - Color - NC

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Main Cast

  • Tyler Reed
  • Rosalita Sanchez
  • Nancy Sterngood
  • Jodi Chang
  • W.D. Twitchell
  • Burt Gummer
  • Larry Norvel
  • Dr. Cletus Poffenberger
  • Dr. Casey Matthews
  • Harlowe Winnemucca
  • Melvin Plug
  • Frank
  • Roger Garrett
  • Dr. Megan Flint
  • Delores



Also Known As

  • Tremors: The Series (us)

Release dates

  • March 28, 2003
  • March 28, 2003