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Frenchman's Farm

(Frenchman's Farm)


Something very strange has happened to the life of Jackie Granville - while driving in her car she suddenly finds herself transported forty years into the past! Glenn Miller tunes and wartime news bulletins drift from her radio. In total confusion she strays into a nearby field and witnesses a murder... In a state of shock she runs to her car, which on starting, mysteriously transports her back into the 1980's. On reporting the murder, investigations by the police find no trace of a body, but they do uncover records of a murder committed 40 years previously. The police dismiss Jackie's report as pure imagination. Together with her boyfriend Jackie sets out to investigate her inexplicable experience.

A movie directed by Ron Way

1987 - 100 minutes - Color - Dolby - NC

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Main Cast

  • Jackie Grenville
  • Barry Norden
  • Reverend Aldershot
  • Bill Dolan
  • Harry Benson
  • John Hatcher
  • John Mainsbridge
  • William Morris
  • Programmer
  • Programmer
  • Mrs. Grenville
  • George Slater
  • Librarian
  • Madame Cheveraux
  • Television Newsreader



  • CEL (Australia)

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