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Strange Behavior

(Strange Behavior)


Galesburg, Illinois. It is a quiet, peaceful town where nothing ever happens...until a brutal serial killer begins a terrifying campaign targeting local teens. The killer's signature is the horrible mutilation of the victims. As fear mounts, law enforcement officer John Brady is inexorably drawn to the high school's psychology department where he suspects he will find the killer. There is something sinister about the department's research program on behavioral control and Brady is determined to uncover it. His determination takes on a more desperate and personal nature when he finds his son has unwittingly become involved in the experiments...

A movie directed by Michael Laughlin

1981 - Color - Mono - 2.35

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Main Cast

  • John Brady
  • Barbara Moorehead
  • Pete Brady
  • Gwen Parkinson
  • Dr. Le Sange / Nagel
  • Caroline
  • Oliver Myerhoff
  • Shea
  • Donovan
  • Lucy Brown
  • Mrs. Haskell
  • Waldo
  • Felix Rowe
  • Flying Nun
  • Bryan Morgan

Also Known As

  • Dead Kids (au)
  • Small Town Massacre (inc)
  • Shadowlands (nz)
  • Human Experiments (uk)
  • Strange Behaviour (uk)

Release dates

  • June 17, 1982
  • June 17, 1982
  • April 26, 2004 (DVD premiere)
  • October 16, 1981 (New York City, New York)