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Zapped Again!

(Zapped Again!)


High School high-jinx get out of hand and out of mind when an outcast student drinks a long lost potion which gives him bizarre telekinetic powers. Kevin is sixteen-years-old, brash and a newcomer to an elite high school. Wayne and Cecil, the resident bullies, are merciless. They inadvertently force Kevin to drink a disgusting testing liquid that endows him with the power to open a door or piece of clothing!
Lucy is Kevin's first new friend. Confident and soon to be his business partner she offers him stability and security, but she'd really like to offer him much more! Unfortunately, Kevin only has eyes for Amanda, the prom queen sex kitten every boy in school is after. The only way they stand a chance though is if they either captain the football team, or are in possession of an amazing power. The strange potion he drank seems to have kept the bullies at bay, done wonders for his love life, and kept his boss in tow at work. This is one semester no one will ever forget!

A movie directed by Doug Campbell

1990 - Color - NC

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Main Cast

  • Kevin Matthews
  • Lucy Kaminsky
  • Wayne
  • Amanda
  • Cecil
  • Elliott
  • Chris
  • Joanne
  • Mike
  • Sheldon
  • Larry
  • Miss Rose Burnhart
  • Miss Mitchell
  • Substitute Teacher
  • Coach Kirby



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Also Known As

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Release dates

  • April 14, 1990
  • April 14, 1990