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Crime Zone

(Crime Zone)


Beware, young traitors. The states knows who you are.' The words blare from public address speakers into the war-ravaged night. But young Helen and Bone know they're freedom lovers, not traitors. Trapped in a police state that divides society into rigid strata, they are doomed to live as 'subgrades' - unless they can somehow escape the Crime Zone. Jason, the mysterious stranger, offers the desperate couple a way out if they can steal a computer chip vital to the government. Soon Helen and Bone are being hunted like animals, caught in a web of murder which leads them deep into the heart of the most shocking and violent conspiracy ever imagined. The films unveils a nightmarish world where citizens are constantly watched by TV cameras; the ultra-rich extend their lives in Gardens of Hibernation; and caged beauties dispense state-sanctioned sex in Houses of Pleasure. Now, enter the Crime Zone - if you dare!

A movie directed by Luis Llosa

1989 - 92 minutes - Color - Stereo - NC

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