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The Sky's on Fire

(The Sky's on Fire)


As destruction and mayhem rain down on the terrified citizens of Los Angeles in the form of angry insect swarms, dying whales, and everyday house pets gone berserk, a brilliant renegade scientist must convince authorities that he alone holds the key to the apocalyptic mystery in a nature-run-amuck thriller starring John Corbett, Josie Bissett, and Bradley Whitford. The animal population has turned on humankind, and corpses all around the city are spontaneously combusting. Though unconventional thinker Dr. Evan Thorne (Corbett) is sure he has the answer to the many questions posed by authorities and local scientists, his unorthodox theories about ozone depletion have cast him as a quack in the eyes of the majority of his colleagues, and his speculation as to the cause of the current chaos is quickly dismissed by those in power. Now, in addition to proving to his sanity to his ex-wife, his longtime colleague, and a skeptical reporter with the power to get Thorne's theory to the masses, the harried scientist must navigate a treacherous maze of violent predators and dangerous natural disasters to save the city and prove that sometimes thinking out of the box is the best way to get the job done right.

A TV Movie directed by Dan Lerner

1999 - 89 minutes - Color - Stereo - 1.33

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Main Cast

  • Dr. Evan Thorne
  • Jennifer Thorne
  • John Morgan, KTML News
  • Racer
  • Elizabeth Sobel
  • Dr. Aaron Schiffren
  • Dr. Hellstrom
  • Dr. Andrew Pike
  • Mayor Bill
  • Mayor Bill
  • ...
  • Deputy Mayor
  • Flight Manager
  • Old Man
  • Intern

Also Known As

  • Countdown: The Sky's on Fire (us)

Release dates

  • July 15, 2000
  • July 15, 2000