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Aliens have inhabited a number of planets over the centuries and settled on Earth before Man arrived. They now dwell in our Oceans, out of sight but keeping an eye on US. Abbi Hill claims that she has been abducted by aliens. She saw bright lights, a space ship and has memories of an operating table and seeing aliens. Everyone else believes Abbi is an attention seeker and highly strung. After accidentally causing the death of her best friend in a car accident, Abbi is released from prison on good behaviour. Re-united with her six year old daughter and ex boyfriend Scott, Abbi is abducted once again.

What do the aliens want with Abbi? Does Abbi hold the key to the future of Mankind? Special Agent Shepherd certainly believes Abbi is “special” and holds super powers. She is captured, along with her family, and imprisoned in a new high tech facility. The Earth is on the brink of environmental catastrophe and the Government is also monitoring increased UFO activity. Is the Planet about to destruct? Are the aliens getting ready to invade? An ARK has been constructed for the lucky few humans to escape to a new Planet. But can Abbi save the Earth from an alien invasion or is it too late for us all?

Sci-fi action adventure from FX director Tristan Cornelius Versluis (Game Of Thrones, Harry Potter) and producer Kate Glover (Tower Block, The Anomaly).

A movie directed by Tristan Versluis

20?? - Color - NC

Status : in development

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